GMTO Helpdesk

Quickly requesting a wiring diagram, advice on how to handle diagnostic problems, or checking if your diagnostic problems are more common. One phone call to the GMTO helpdesk and you will know!

solve faults quickly

GMTO supports workshops by providing technical support, also known as a helpdesk. More than 10 technical specialists are available for our customers with a GMTO helpdesk subscription.

Our specialists have access to the GMTO fault database, original documentation and, perhaps most importantly, the experience of each other.

Helpdesk: Solve malfunctions faster, more efficiently and more effectively

The GMTO helpdesk only helps subscribers. If you do not have a helpdesk subscription, please do not call this number. You can take out a subscription in our webshop.

Request a helpdesk subscription from GMTO

Remote support with Teamviewer.

The GMTO helpdesk is happy to assist the garage with installing software, providing support for Pass Thru and assisting in making scope measurements. In order to do this as best as possible, GMTO can take over your computer remotely with your permission. GMTO does this with the TeamViewer program.

You can open the GMTO TeamViewer via the link below.

The GMTO Helpdesk policy

The GMTO helpdesk supports companies with the most diverse vehicle technical challenges. To keep our service level at a good level, GMTO applies a number of conditions. With these conditions we believe we can offer every customer good quality and service.

The policy ensures that every customer can make equal use of the GMTO Helpdesk and ultimately results in better accessibility and service level for all our customers.

See the policy (dutch)


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