gmto connect

gmto connect

Remote programming, coding and automotive diagnosis with unique interface.

GMTO Connect is particularly suitable for coding and programming

When coding and programming, think, for example, of learning towbar wiring sets or new keys.

Via the GMTO Connect interface, a remote connection is made with the car, which means that it does not have to leave the workshop. The communication between the car and the GMTO Connect specialist remotely runs entirely via WiFi or the 3G / 4G network.

The GMTO Connect is connected on one side to the OBD plug, the other side is connected to an (Android) tablet or smartphone. As soon as the connection to the car is recognized, the GMTO Connect app opens automatically.

Remote control of the car

Because GMTO takes over the car remotely, this support also goes further than is currently customary in the market. GMTO takes control of the car from a distance and provides the desired service. This can be coding, programming or diagnostic support. GMTO has invested a lot of resources and time to make remote vehicle diagnostics possible. Making contact with the car’s control units and then maintaining that contact requires special technical expertise that GMTO has in-house. GMTO Connect is not tied to a manufacturer of cars, parts or equipment and can therefore operate independently.

Performed by technical specialists

GMTO Connect is carried out by GMTO technical specialists who have extensive experience in the field of automotive electronics. By linking knowledge of the diagnosis process to years of experience with workshop equipment, a unique combination has been created. As practitioners, they not only know how things are done in daily practice, but they also know better than anyone else the need for technical support.

Safe and easy

While the GMTO Connect specialist carries out his work remotely, the technician can take on another job. There are also situations where the technician has to be on standby to perform actions (eg turning the ignition key). When this is necessary, a message appears in the app telling the technician what to do.

 Accessories coding

Retrofitted systems such as tow bars, navigation, cruise control or telephony often have to be coded or programmed. GMTO Connect does this without you having to look after it yourself!

You can maintain contact with the GMTO Connect specialist via the chat in the app.

Remote Diagnosis

In case of a complex malfunction, GMTO Connect can support the diagnosis process by deploying the expertise of the GMTO Connect specialists. Also, the car does not have to leave the workshop to consult a specialized company. GMTO Connect provides a fast and correct solution and can also be an answer to the jumble of various diagnostic devices and associated subscriptions.


In addition to Remote Diagnosis, in some cases measurements must be carried out with, for example, a scope or other specialist equipment. Via GMTO Connect you have access to an extensive rental network for specific diagnostic equipment! This way you can handle the entire diagnosis within the walls of your company. Naturally, support for the diagnostic equipment is included.


A new key must be taught-in on a vehicle. A job that often cannot be done yourself. It is carried out for you via GMTO Connect.

Service Reset

Service reset on modern vehicles sometimes takes longer than the entire maintenance itself. The service reset is performed for you via GMTO Connect, while you are already working on the next job.


After replacing a steering angle sensor, throttle valve, turbo actuator, clutch stroke sensor, or additive tank, these components must be initialized. Not every communication device supports this for the vehicle you are working on. By using GMTO Connect you have access to all equipment of the GMTO Connect specialists.

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