Pass Thru

As a universal garage, have dealer options available when it comes to software updates, error code information and original schedules with Pass Thru.

Why Pass Thru?

With Pass-thru you establish a direct connection between the car and the data server of the manufacturer. This gives you access to the car at the deepest level. You make the correct diagnosis more quickly and receive important technical information that you will not get anywhere else. That saves you time and allows you to do repairs really well, so that you can continue to repair and maintain all cars.

What you can do with Pass-thru:

  1.  Perform software updates yourself. More and more vehicles need new software for more and more different reasons.
  2. Change coding: keys and tow bars
  3. You get access to indispensable technical information such as.:
  • Installation descriptions and electrical diagrams. Detailed descriptions for complex jobs.
  • Technical service bulletins.
  • With Pass-thru you can find all complaints that have occurred before. The symptoms, the associated error codes, the solution, the required part and often even the job description for the job. Complicated (diagnostic) jobs can be carried out much easier and faster.
  • OEM error code information as devised by the manufacturer, so not a universal approach, but the correct, detailed description.
  • Maintenance schedules. More and more cars require specific maintenance. This information is (also) available via Pass-thru.
  • Coding / programming. Many components nowadays require this after they have been replaced. This way, a relatively simple replacement job does not require unnecessary time and effort.
  • Insight into recall information. Does a vehicle still have open recalls? Good to know, then you can proactively inform the customer.
  • less dependent due to your knownledge
  • time saving
  • Be a challaging employer and invest in technical solutions
  • Future proof
  • Car stays in own company

Whitch brands do you choose?

What do i need for Pass Thru?


VCI stands for vehicle communication interface and is used when a car is approached via the EOBD plug.

Laptop / pc

For Pass Thru you need a laptop or PC with the correct specifications. The specifications differ per manufacturer.


For Pass Thru You need an own account by the specific car manufacturer. GMTO arranges this account for you.

Power Supply

For Pass Thru you need a 100 A Power Supply. During a software update a vechile can take more than 70 Ampere.

More information about Pass Thru?

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