4-channel scopeset, 500 MS/s diff.


Four channel differtential automotive scope. Built in a robust case.

  • 500 MS/s
  • High accuracy in measurements
  • The best automotive scope on the market
VAT excluded

  • Secure payment Secure payment
  • Fast shipment Fast shipment

Four channel differential scope (250Mhz / channel) is built into a robust case. Scope is supplied including measuring cables and connecting material but excluding laptop.

Standard with the following options:

Extended memory up to 256 MSamples memory per channel available.

SureConnect connectivity test and resistance measurement is available on all channels.

The included options in the set are:

- 10: 1 adapters

- 8 thin measuring pins

- Ampèretang 0-600A

- Ampèretang 10mA-80A

- trigger button

- ignition kit

- ignition adapter for coil on plug

- 8 large alligator clips

- 8 medium sized alligator clips

- 8 small alligator clips

- connection test (check whether the probe has a connection with the wire).

- Includes 1 year ATIS software license (online updates) of € 579, - start version with brand-specific information, with guidelines, measuring method, brand-oriented example signals, diagnosis texts and electrical diagrams.

The ATIS license is renewed tacitly. After 1 year, the ATIS license is billed every six months. The license fee is indexed annually. Termination of the ATIS annual license must be submitted in writing to GMTO 2 months before the end of the license period.

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