Worldwide Wave Library

Worldwide wave library

GMTO presents worldwide signals library in the Scope software ATIS.

Wave Library

More than 1000 companies have already purchased the automotive scope set (s) from GMTO. These scope sets consist of the world’s highest quality scopes that work with the Automotive Test and Information System (ATIS).

The ATIS software facilitates measuring with a scope through presets and automotive sample signals. GMTO develops this software itself and is therefore proud manufacturer and distributor of the software.

The newest feature in ATIS is the worldwide Wave Library.

There are two functions within the wave library.

  • Saving and retrieving your own measurements under “My measurements”.
  • View measurements from other specialists within the GMTO community under “Shared measurements”.

Worldwide Wave library

Why choose the GMTO scope with ATIS?

Everything compact in 1 case

 GMTO supplies the Scopesets in beautiful robust cases intended for the workshop. All necessities remain neatly sorted in the suitcase and when the suitcase is closed everything remains neatly dust-free.

User friendly

Automotive test and information system, ATIS.

GMTO’s ATIS Software facilitates scope measurement through presets and automotive sample signals.


Use each oscilloscope channel independently to measure resistance, current and voltage.

Super fast

The oscilloscope that samples up to 1000 million samples per second (1GS / s) to measure all automotive signals.


All GMTO scopes are equipped with differential inputs. This is to prevent short circuits of automotive scope and components.

Safe ground 

SafeGround protects your oscilloscope, your computer and your circuit against accidentally made ground connections.

Sure connect

Check the conection between the scope and the object to be measured with Sure connect. With this function you are always sure of a good connection.

Wireless measurement with the WIFI scope

Taking measurements on large vehicles or inside the vehicle is no problem at all with the GMTO WIFI scope.

Easily store all signals in the wave library

You can easily find your own saved measurements and the saved measurements of others in the wave library. 


Worldwide Wave library