The world’s best Automotive Scope

The world’s best Automotive Scope

Whether you want to quickly and easily check components or perform camshaft timing checks in a snap, the GMTO Scope provides you with the ideal solution. This essential tool is a must-have for any workshop. Experience the benefits of the GMTO Scope!

The GMTO SCOPE specially developed for Automotive!

Prevent unnecessary repair costs and check components quickly and easily, including camshaft timing checks in no time. More and more specialists recognize the importance of the Automotive scope and have already purchased the GMTO Automotive scope set(s) for over 1000 companies. This set includes the world’s most advanced scopes, which work together with the Automotive Test and Information System (ATIS).

The ATIS software makes using the scope even easier with pre-set settings and automotive example signals. GMTO has developed this software itself and is therefore proud to be the manufacturer and distributor of the software. In short, a very user-friendly scope set specially designed for the automotive sector!

With the GMTO Automotive scope, mechanics can diagnose faster and more accurately, saving them time and money. Make your work easier with the GMTO Automotive scope and prevent unnecessary repair costs. Order today and experience the benefits of this high-quality scope set.

1-Channel scope

GMTO 1-channel scope in robust suitcase

2-Channel scope

GMTO 2-channel scope in robust suitcase

4-Channel scope

GMTO 4-channel scope in robust suitcase

4-Channel scope with wifi

GMTO 4-channel scope with WIFI in robust suitcase

voordelen van GMTO SCOPE MET ATIS!

Easy to use

The GMTO ATIS Software makes measuring with a scope easier through pre-settings and automotive example signals..

Quick and multi-functional

Up to 1000 million samples per second (1GS/s).

Use each oscilloscope channel independently for measuring resistance, current, and voltage.

Wireless measurement with the WIFI Scope.

Performing measurements on large vehicles or inside the vehicle is no longer a problem with the GMTO WIFI Scope.

Save signal in the Wave Library

Easily find your own saved measurements and the saved measurements of others in the Wave Library.



Differential inputs to prevent short circuit of automotive scope and components.

Safe ground

Safeground protects your oscilloscope, your computer, and your circuit against accidentally made ground connections.

Sure Connect

Checks the connection between the scope and the object being measured.

This ensures you always have a reliable connection.

Scopesets in robust cases

GMTO delivers the Scopesets in robust cases.

All the necessary equipment is sorted in the case and remains dust-free.


The world’s best Automotive Scope