GMTO Diagnosis Specialists

GMTO Diagnosis Specialists

Show that the workshop personnel within your company are qualified, work safely and that complex failures are no obstacle for you.

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Companies have preceded you.

Why become a GMTO Diagnosis specialist?

  • Let the consumer know that you will not avoid a breakdown and that your company is the right company to bring their car in the event of a breakdown.
  •  Solve faults for nearby garages
  • Benefit from the close cooperation between garages
  • Benefit from the close cooperation with GMTO
  •  Contribute to the national coverage of GMTO specialists 
  • Boss-in-house with support from GMTO

GMTO Diagnosis specialists – a group of united specialists

GMTO Diagnosis Specialists

GMTO introduced the formula “GMTO diagnostic specialists” in 2011 with the aim of creating a nationwide coverage of automotive electronics diagnostic specialists.

What is the purpose of GMTO with the GMTO diasnosis specialists:

Communicate and communicate the high level of training / knowledge of the diagnosis specialists in publications, the GMTO website and at trade fairs. Let private individuals and car companies without thorough diagnostic knowledge find their way to the GMTO diagnosis specialists, e.g. via the GMTO website. A close cooperation between GMTO and the diagnosis specialists and the diagnosis specialists themselves.

What is a GMTO Diagnosis specialist:

A car company that has set itself the goal of specializing on every conceivable front in fault diagnosis and repair of car electronics. A car company that has invested in diagnostic equipment such as communication equipment and measurement diagnostic equipment.
A car company that has invested in its staff so that they have the knowledge and the skills to diagnose car electronics.

What does GMTO offer the Diagnosis Specialist:

A wall shield showing that the car company employs a diagnostic specialist in the field of car electronics diagnostics.
The GMTO web site contains an overview with the locations of the GMTO diagnostic specialists and a link to the website of the diagnostic specialist. A high level of training / knowledge at the diagnostic specialist of the car company and continuing this, this increases the efficiency of the diagnostic equipment and thus shortens the current search time for faults.
In combination with the subscription Technical Support and the knowledge database of GMTO a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, the diagnosis specialist will also actively contribute to this knowledge database and can draw on it via the GMTO web site.

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