CHARGING station and charging cards

Charging stations and charging cards

GMTO sees itself as a total provider within the Autmotive. GMTO has also been providing everything in the field of Hybrid & EV for several years  A new part of this is the complete charging solution as shown below.

Charging stations

In collaboration with Justplugin, GMTO offers all its customers the option of purchasing a charging station in GMTO’s hybrid and EV corporate design.

With the addition of this service, GMTO remains one of the companies that can completely independently unburden garages in the field of hybrid and EV.

Justplugin supplies the charging station and relieves the garage company during the entire process. Justplugin takes care of the intake, the quotation process and the complete placement process. This way, the garage can focus on what they are good at. Providing service to car owners and car users.

GMTO and Justplugin choose to offer 2 options. With the first option, the entrepreneur buys the charging station and determines the charging price himself. With the second option, the Justplugin charging station remains, but the entrepreneur does not have to invest in the charging station.

All interested garage companies can register without obligation on the following webpage:


Offers your customers the opportunity to buy charge cards from your company, entirely in the GMTO Hybrid & EV Style.

Choose the GMTO charge card

– Charge at any public charging station in the Netherlands
– Large range in Europe
– 1 collective invoice per month with all transactions (tax proof)
– Choice of a subscription or per charging transaction
– Online insight into all charging transactions
– Transparent overview of the charging rates

In addition to the costs for charging itself, you pay an amount to be able to use the charging card publicly.

Choice 1;
You only pay a transaction rate of € 0.35 incl.VAT per charging session when using the charge card.
Option 2:
You pay € 4 incl. VAT per month and no extra storage per charging session.

The choice between options 1 and 2 can be made when registering the charge card after purchase.

For information about the charging costs per kWh, contact the charging station owner.

Hybrid & EVcharging stations and charging cards