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For over 30 years, GMTO has been providing technical training to personnel using self-developed educational tools. GMTO recognizes the importance of engaging education for the automotive and technical industries.

To contribute to this, GMTO is now making all its educational materials available to educational institutions.

Below is the offer, price upon request:

Electric Vehicle Powertrain System Board

The Electric Vehicle Powertrain System Board is one of the most comprehensive educational tools currently available for electric vehicles. The system board is suitable for level 2, 3, and 4!


  • Learning about the basics and components of an electric vehicle (battery, inverter, electric motor)
  • Understanding the difference between AC and DC
  • Safety systems (interlock, service plug)
  • Control of 3-phase electric motor, including current measurements
  • Ensuring system safety according to NEN9140 standards
  • Measurement of resolver and hall sensor feedback
  • Pre-charge procedures
  • Coil resistors and insulation measurements
  • Option to enable faults
  • Comes with 15 Electude e-learning assignments.


GMTO offers a fully simulated Euro 5 diesel system. Never worry about an empty battery or fuel tank in the training vehicle again. Mobile setup, perfect for classroom use. Learn all about modern diesel technology. Ability to diagnose up to 16 faults.

The Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI system board features all components of the CFWA engine code, which is the best-selling diesel system in the past 5 years.

This engine can be found in the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, and Skoda Fabia.


Learn to understand how communication works in vehicle technology!

Ability to measure all types of communication in vehicle technology.

  • LIN-bus
  • Option to enable faults.

GMTO builds CAN-bus system boards with controllers from the vehicle of your choice upon request.

Available in combination with Electude E-learning.


With the increasing number of wheel sensors in vehicle technology, confusion can arise about which type of sensor should emit which signal. On this board, you will find the following sensors:

  • Inductive wheel sensor
  • MRE wheel sensor
  • MRE intelligent
  • MRE intelligent digital

Available in combination with Electude E-learning.


Duty Cycle – Frequency

Ground and Positive switched, How does that work again? With the Duty Cycle board, all these principles become clear. Using the accompanying assignments, the user can independently master these, sometimes difficult, principles.


  • Gets to the core of the basic principles
  • Challenging for all levels
  • Learn to understand visual switching signals
  • Also suitable for classroom theory lessons
  • Possibility of troubleshooting In combination with Electude E-learning.


With GMTO co-measurement panels, students can safely and quickly participate in classroom measurements. The co-measurement panel can be connected to a GMTO system board. Each system board can provide signals to a maximum of 10 co-measurement panels.

With this setup, the instructor can demonstrate the measurement to the class, after which students can replicate the measurement. A proven method for effective learning.


Create your own electrical circuits and measure them with ease using our convenient 12V switching system!

Whether you want to experiment with different lamp intensities or try out LEDs, our system can handle it all. Discover how much current flows through an LED and compare it to a lamp with the same brightness.

Curious about the effects of different resistances in various devices? No problem! Use two different resistors to simulate faults and observe how they affect different loads. Our V4 measurement assignment board is the ideal tool for all your measurement and experimentation tasks!

Lithium-ion-battery system board

Discover and master various topics with our advanced system board! Learn about state of charge – the average state of charge and state of charge per cell. Understand state of health – the health condition of cells and state of health per cell. Learn about C-rate – the charging and discharging rate of cells. Investigate heat development – how a cell heats up at a certain C-rate. Learn current measurement with calibrated resistor for shunt measurement.

Understand how a battery management system determines the internal resistance of a battery cell and how you can do this yourself. Discover the meaning of capacity on a battery cell. Learn about the tasks of a BMS and the optimal operating range of Li-Ion cells in terms of voltage and temperature. Understand battery cells in series and parallel, and why cell balancing is essential for capacity retention.

Discover why we often see CC or CV during the charging of Li-Ion cells. Become a battery technology expert with our system board!



GMTO has developed a system board that allows for the testing of all types of (pen) coils using a scope and realistic signals as in practice. The system is suitable for scope training and training in basic and advanced gasoline engine management.

The system board contains 4 pen coils of different types, connected to 4 spark plugs in a chamber that can be quickly pressurized using a compressor to simulate the compression end pressure. The ignition signal will then look like that of a real car. In addition, faults can be created on all connections of the coils using interruptions, resistors, or shorts, and there are opportunities for the student to measure along with satellite boards.

This allows for simulating changing conditions in the engine and gaining practical experience in testing ignition systems.


Discover the versatility of our advanced measurement board! Effortlessly measure various sensors and actuator controls. With real-time measurement blocks, you gain immediate insight into the performance of different sensors. Moreover, you can easily add resistors or create interruptions to measure and observe the effects on the circuit.

It’s your ultimate tool for experimenting and learning about the operation of sensors and actuators in different systems. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out in the world of measurements and observations, our measurement board provides you with the opportunities to gain practical experience and improve your technical skills.

Maximize your measurements with our state-of-the-art measurement board!


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